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Speaker for the Legislative Assembly for the ACT




6 August 2014


Independent Budget Process an ACT First


In a significant reaffirmation of the independence of the Legislative Assembly, Vicki Dunne MLA, Speaker of the Assembly, has tabled a set of budget protocols for the Office of the Legislative Assembly.

Signed by the Speaker and Chief Minister, Katy Gallagher MLA, the protocols outline how the budget for the Legislative Assembly is to be developed in a way that acknowledges the independence of the Assembly and the separation of powers between the legislative and executive branches of government in the ACT.

The protocols set out the principles to which both the ACT Assembly and the ACT Executive commit; the responsibilities of each party in the budgetary process; and the protocols to be observed in developing and considering budget appropriations for the Legislative Assembly.

“The Assembly is committed   to the Latimer House Principles, which set out clear distinctions between the three arms of government, these protocols document in some detail how the budget process will operate,” Mrs Dunne said.

“The protocols acknowledge that while executive government is entitled to frame a budget appropriation bill as it sees fit, the appropriation for the Legislative Assembly should be seen as a statement of the Assembly’s resourcing requirements and priorities.”

“This is an innovation. The ACT is the first parliament of which I’m aware to commit to such arrangements and to document them in this way.”




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