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Lobbyist Details
Full Name:John Hargreaves
Company Address:5 Brodribb Street, Wanniassa ACT 2903
Phone Number/s:0411 658 955
Email Address:
ACN/ABN:38 620 669 942
Trading Name:John Hargreaves
Person/s authorised to conduct lobbying activity on behalf of company
Name: Address:
John Hargreaves5 Brodribb Street, Wanniassa ACT 2903
Previous public sector employment details of company director/s and authorised person/s
Name: Place and title of employment: Date of separation:
John HargreavesACT Legislative Assembly—MLAOctober 2012
 ACT Public Service—Assistant Director, Space Management and General Services, ACT Department of EducationMarch 1998
Client/s on whose behalf lobbying activity is, or may be, conducted
Name: Address:
PCYC17 Grattan Court, Wanniassa ACT 2903


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