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Change to upcoming sitting dates

27 March

In keeping with the Assembly's resolution of 22 August 2019, a majority of members have written to the Speaker requesting a change to the scheduled sitting dates.

The Assembly will not sit as scheduled on Tuesday 31 March or Wednesday 1 April 2020. The sitting on Thursday 2 April 2020 will take place as scheduled.

Public galleries in the Assembly building close

19 March 2020

Galleries in the Assembly building are now closed to the public until further notice. Media release


17 March 2020

Speaker Joy Burch MLA has announced a number of changes to normal operating arrangements at the Legislative Assembly precincts. Read more

Assembly awards for emerging artists announced

26 November 2019

Speaker of the Assembly, Joy Burch MLA, has announced the 2019 winners of the Assembly's awards for emerging artists. Media release

Deepak-Raj Gupta sworn in as new member for Yerrabi

Tuesday 30 July 2019

This morning Mr Deepak-Raj Gupta was sworn in as the new member for Yerrabi. Watch Mr Gupta's inaugural speech.

Deepak-Raj Gupta declared the new member for Yerrabi

Tuesday 23 July 2019

Mr Deepak-Raj Gupta has now been declared the new member for Yerrabi. He will be sworn in when the Assembly sits next week.

Deepak-Raj Gupta set to be new member for Yerrabi

Monday 22 July 2019

Following a count-back of votes from the 2016 election, Mr Deepak-Raj Gupta is set to replace outgoing member for Yerrabi, Meegan Fitzharris. The next step in the process is for the result to be officially declared by the ACT Electoral Commissioner, Damian Cantwell AM. The declaration is a public event and will take place in the Assembly building on Tuesday 23 July at 3:00pm. Learn how the count-back works.

Meegan Fitzharris MLA, member for Yerrabi, resigns from Assembly

Monday 8 July 2019

Meegan Fitzharris MLA, member for Yerrabi, has presented her resignation from the Legislative Assembly to the acting Speaker. Her resignation will be effective from midnight tonight.

The Assembly is different to other parliaments in Australia, and fills causal vacancies by count back of the votes from the last election.
Learn how the count back works.

30th Anniversary open day

Saturday 11 May 2019

The Assembly's 30th anniversary open day included anniversary-day sausages, building tours, community choirs and dance performances. We also debated the merits of one house versus two, in the Assembly Chamber. Photos

Assembly thanks Ngunnawal women for gift of possum-skin cloak

10 May 2019

In a significant act of Reconciliation a possum-skin cloak has been presented to the Legislative Assembly by the Ngunnawal People.

The gift is a significant act of generosity and will be on permanent display outside the entry to the Assembly chamber, this prominent position reflecting its importance as a symbol of reconciliation and respect between the Ngunnawal People, the Assembly, and the wider ACT community.

Traditionally, possum-skin cloaks were an everyday item for Aboriginal people. Starting as a single skin to wrap a newborn baby and added to over time, they were illustrated with stories of the life, clan and country of their owner. Following white settlement (and the introduction of woolen blankets), the tradition of making cloaks was largely discontinued. There are now only a small number of cloaks in existence, although their traditional significance endures. Media release Photos

30th anniversary ceremonial sitting

10 May 2019

A ceremonial sitting took place to acknowledge 30 years of self-government in the ACT, and the anniversary of the first sitting of the Legislative Assembly. Watch proceedings.

Cameral II artwork, a reflection of the Assembly and the community

9 May 2019

Cameral II, a photographic artwork by Barbara Campbell, has been formally welcomed into the Assemby's art collection, replacing an earlier version of the work from 2001.

It captures the symbolic relationship between the people of the ACT and their representative government, and the importance of active public participation in the political process. Like its predecessor, Cameral II is best viewed from the exterior of the building on London Circuit. While the new photographs depict the members of the Ninth Assembly, the resulting image is intended as an evocation of all members—past, present and future.

At the 2016 election, the Assembly became the first jurisdiction in Australia to have a majority of women members (originally 52%, increased to 56% in December 2017) and this new take on the work reflects the increase in size and change in composition of the Assembly. Media release

Former Members Association inaugural meeting

9 May 2019

The inaugural meeting of the Former Members’ Association of the ACT Legislative Assembly took place on the eve of the Assembly's 30th anniversary.

Former members of the Legislative Assembly

SelfGov30 exhibition

9-31 May

Our exhibition, SelfGov30 opened. The exhibition tells the story of what came before self government in the territory, how it came about, what we've dealt with since, and asks what should come next in our self-government story.

New Auditor-General, Michael Harris, to commence this week

5 February 2019

Speaker of the Assembly, Joy Burch MLA, has witnessed the affirmation of new ACT Auditor-General, Michael Harris. Mr Harris will commence his seven-year term on 8 February. Media release

Speaker announces Assembly prize for art

27 November 2018

Speaker of the Assembly, Joy Burch MLA, has announced the 2018 winners of the Assembly awards for emerging artists. Media release

Breastfeeding welcome here program

October 2018

The Assembly is now a member of the Breastfeeding welcome here program. Staff at the entrance can show parents to a space where they can feed their baby.

Speaker announces appointment of independent legal arbiter

19 October 2018

Joy Burch MLA, Speaker of the Assembly, has announced the appointment of an independent legal arbiter to evaluate the Icon Water contracts with ActewAGL. The Speaker made the appointment in accordance with the resolution passed by the Assembly on 20 September 2018. The independent legal arbiter for this task will be the Hon Richard Refshauge. Media release

Speaker presents remonstrance to Senate

13 September 2018

Today Joy Burch MLA, Speaker of the Legislative Assembly, formally presented the Assembly’s remonstrance to Senator the Hon Scott Ryan, President of the Senate, following the Senate’s rejection of a bill to allow the ACT and the Northern Territory to make laws on assisted dying.
Speaker Burch was joined by representatives from the Northern Territory Parliament, who were presenting their own remonstrance on this issue.
It's rare for parliaments to remonstrate (formally protest). This is the first remonstrance in the Assembly's 29 year history. Read the remonstrance motion.

Photo of remonstrance motion document

Government announces eighth Minister

24 August 2018

The Government has announced a number of Ministerial and portfolio changes along with the expansion of the Ministry. The eighth Minister will be member for Murrumbidgee, Chris Steel. Chris Steel will be Minister for City Services, Minister for Community Services and Facilities, Minister for Multicultural Affairs, and Minister for Roads.

Assembly passes remonstrance motion

16 August 2018

The Assembly has ‘remonstrated’ (protested) the Senate’s rejection of Territory rights to make laws on assisted dying. Remonstrance motions are rarely-used, and this is the first remonstration to pass the Assembly in its 29 year history. Watch the motion. One previous remonstrance motion was moved in the Assembly in June 2009, but this motion was amended and passed as a regular motion.

Speaker farewells Auditor-General, Dr Maxine Cooper

6 August 2018

The Speaker of the Assembly has farewelled ACT Auditor-General, Dr Maxine Cooper. During her seven year term, Dr Cooper has made a significant contribution to the administration and public accountability of the Territory.  Media release.

Candice Burch, member for Kurrajong, is sworn in

13 February 2018

Candice Burch is sworn in as the new member for Kurrajong, following her election in December.

Countback for seat of Kurrajong

13 December 2017

Following the death of Steve Doszpot MLA, a countback of votes from the 2016 election was held on 11 December, to fill the casual vacancy in the seat of Kurrajong. This was the first countback since the 2016 election. The candidate with the most votes, Candice Burch, has been declared formally elected. She will be sworn in during the first sitting day in 2018.

Speaker announces Legislative Assembly art prizes

27 November 2017

Speaker of the Assembly, Joy Burch MLA, as announced this year's winners of the Assembly awards for emerging artists. Media release.

Death of Steve Doszpot MLA

25 November 2017

Steve Doszpot MLA has died after a long illness. Mr Doszpot made a valedictory statement to the Assembly on 24 October, advising his intention to resign as a member on 5 December. Mr Doszpot is the first member of the Assembly to die while in office.

New ACT electoral commissioner announced

3 October 2017

Speaker Joy Burch has announced the ACT's new electoral commissioner. Brigadier (Retired) Damian Cantwell AM will be appointed for a five-year term on 1 November 2017.

Speaker announces decision of independent legal arbiter

19 June 2017

Speaker of the Assembly, Joy Burch MLA, has announced the decision of the independent legal arbiter regarding a claim of executive privilege by the Chief Minister. Media release.

ACT Electoral commissioner announces retirement

30 May 2017

Phil Green, the ACT's first full-time electoral commissioner, has announced he will retire in August 2017.

Speaker announces Legislative Assembly art prize

25 November 2016

Speaker of the Assembly, Joy Burch MLA, has announced this year’s winners of the Assembly awards for emerging artists.

Resignation of a member

15 July 2016

Mr Brendan Smyth, Member for Brindabella, has resigned from the Assembly effective today. This creates a vacancy that will be filled by count back of the votes from the last election. Learn more about the process for filling a vacancy

Speaker accepts appointment to CPA

29 June 2016

Speaker of your Assembly, Mrs Vicki Dunne, has accepted an important appointment as acting Treasurer of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (CPA). The invitation was made in recognition of her length of service and contributions to the work of the CPA, and Mrs Dunne felt it was a great honour to be considered. The position will be filled permanently at the next meeting in Dhaka in September 2016.

Australasian Studies of Parliament Group

17 March 2016

The first ASPG event for 2016 took place in the APH theatre. English votes for English laws.

Speaker celebrates Commonwealth Day

15 March 2016

Mrs Vicki Dunne, MLA, Speaker of the Assembly, has hosted Commonwealth Day celebrations for the Assembly. Luke Gersekowski, College Captain of St Edmunds College, read the Commonwealth Day message from Her Majesty the Queen.

Media Release HTML PDF Acrobat PDF file (384.4KB)

Commonwealth Day message from Her Majesty the Queen

Speaker Vicki Dunne and Luke Gersekowski, College Captain of St Edmunds College, celebrate Commonwealth Day at an Assembly function on 15 March 2016

New member for Ginninderra sworn in

8 March 2016

New member for Ginninderra, Mr Jayson Hinder, has made his inaugural speech, following his swearing in this morning.

Photo of Jayson Hinder

Resignation of a member

18 February 2016

Mary Porter AM MLA has announced her intention to resign from the Assembly on Friday 19 February. This creates a vacancy that will be filled by count back of the votes from the last election. Learn more about the process for filling a vacancy

Committee membership changes

21 January 2016

On 21 January 2016, the Speaker approved the following changes to the membership of Assembly committees:

Standing Committee on Health, Ageing, Community and Social Services

Discharge Dr Bourke and Ms Fitzharris and appoint Ms Burch and Ms Porter in their places.

Standing Committee on Justice and Community Safety

Discharge Dr Bourke and appoint Ms Burch in his place.

Standing Committee on Planning, Environment and Territory and Municipal Services

Discharge Dr Bourke and Ms Fitzharris and appoint Ms Burch and Ms Porter in their places.

Standing Committee on Public Accounts

Discharge Ms Fitzharris and appoint Ms Burch in her place.

Pursuant to standing order 223, the Speaker may approve a committee membership change if it is considered necessary for the functioning of a committee. The Speaker has formed the view that the changes support the operations of the committees concerned and has thus granted her approval. She will formally report on this when the Assembly next sits.

Visit your Assembly

Last year 1900 people visited your Assembly to learn about our parliamentary system. You can too. Book your visit

Be involved

e-Petition your Assembly – you can use an e-petition to formally request action from the Assembly. Find out more about e-petitions.

Building refurbishment

Construction work has begun in the Assembly building, following the removal of the art collection for safe keeping last month.

2014-2015 Annual Report

Interested in the activities of the Office of the Legislative Assembly? Our 2014-2015 annual report is now available.

Clerk attends NZ seminar

18 January 2016

This week the Clerk of the Assembly, Tom Duncan, is attending a seminar in New Zealand on keeping parliaments relevant. More

Art works removed

17 December 2015

Signature art works in the Assembly building, including the iconic glass sculpture in the building's foyer, are being removed for safe keeping ahead of building refurbishment.

Benchmarks for democratic parliaments

16 December 2015

Clerk of the ACT Legislative Assembly Tom Duncan Clerk has attended a benchmarking workshop for democratic parliaments, with colleagues from Asia, India, and South Asia regions.

Speaker welcomes new citizens

2 December 2015

Speaker of the ACT Legislative Assembly Vicki Dunne has welcomed over 100 new Australian citizens to the territory. Find out more about the citizenship evening....

Coming together to talk about vulnerability

1 December 2015

Representatives from the Assembly have met with parliamentarians from across the Commonwealth to discuss vulnerability. More...

Speaker announces Legislative Assembly prizes for art

27 November 2015

Speaker of the ACT Legislative Assembly Vicki Dunne has congratulated this year’s winners of the Legislative Assembly Awards for Art. Due to be announced at an award ceremony as part of the ANU School of Art’s graduating exhibition, the recipients of the two awards are Christine Ramsay and Brooke Jarvis. More...

Parliamentary event: balancing act between Executive and Legislature

2 November 2015

The Assembly hosted an event by the ACT Chapter of the Australasian Study of Parliament Group. The session, presented by Speaker Vicki Dunne MLA, and Minister for Territory and Municipal Services Shane Rattenbury MLA, explored the age old tension that sometimes arises between the prerogatives of executive government and the accountability and scrutiny functions of the legislature. More

Report into Draft Variation to Territory Plan No. 343 for Mr Fluffy blocks released

27 October 2015

The committee report into Draft Variation 343 to the territory plan for blocks affected by the loose fill asbestos insulation eradication scheme has been tabled. Report

Open Day 2015

20 September 2015

The Legislative Assembly is staging an opportunity to see behind the scenes in your Assembly building. Open day events are held once every Assembly (every four years).

Events include: a viewing of the replica of the Magna Carta and a debate about its relevance in today’s democracy adjudicated by The Honourable Justice Richard Refshauge; choral performances by the Canberra Children’s Choir and adult choir Latin Lovers; art tours by our curatorial advisor; talks by local artists who have works on display in the building; MLAs hosting tours of the building and cooking the BBQ lunch; a Correa Bells plant for the first 100 families. More ...

Speaker welcomes Taiwanese Youth Ambassadors

Mrs Vicki Dunne MLA, Speaker of the Legislative Assembly for the ACT, along with Mr Andrew Wall MLA, Dr Chris Bourke MLA and Ms Mary Porter AM MLA, this morning met with youth ambassadors from Taiwan. Photo

Report on the Inquiry into medical cannabis draft bill

13 August 2015

The committee report on the inquiry into the proposed use of medical cannabis in the ACT has been tabled.  Read the report

Report into ACT Appropriation Bill 2015-2016 released

4 August 2015

The Select Committee on Estimates was established in early 2015 to examine expenditure proposals put forward in the Appropriation Bill 2015-2016, the Appropriation (Office of the Legislative Assembly) Bill 2015-2016, and revenue estimates proposed by the Government in the 2015-2016 Budget.

In addition to the submissions received from 15 community and industry groups, the Committee held public hearings over 11 days in June, hearing evidence from 178 witnesses across all ministerial portfolios; the officers of all Territory Owned Corporations, all ACT statutory officers, Officers of the Legislative Assembly and from community groups.

The report has been tabled in your Assembly. Media Release  Committee report - Appropriation Bill 2015-2016 and the Appropriation (Office of the Legislative Assembly) Bill 2015-2016 (PDF, 131.09 KB) Read report

Constitutional Convention

30-31 July 2015

Over 50 students took part in the 2015 ACT Schools Constitutional Convention on 30-21 July. The convention, a collaborative effort between the National Archives, the Museum of Australian Democracy and the ACT Legislative Assembly, aims to give students an opportunity to examine current constitutional issues and learn about the original constitution convention in the 1890s, including the modern procedures and practices of parliament.

The question explored at this year’s convention was ‘Should the Commonwealth Parliament have specific powers to legislate for the environment?’

This year's students had the opportunity to investigate the Constitution and its fundamental role in Australia’s system of government; visit the Museum of Australian Democracy to part in the “Our Voices, Our Choices” interactive trail; experience the stories of those who have lobbied and petitioned to create change in the community; debate the reach of constitutional powers and the role of the Commonwealth Parliament in legislating on environmental matters; and participate in a mock referendum.

Honouring the battles of Villers-Bretonneux

31 March 2015

The Speaker has officially received a painting, on loan from the Australian War Memorial, by acclaimed Australian war artist Will Longstaff. The painting, Villers-Bretonneux, ruins of the church, is a poignant reminder of the aftermath of a battle that forged a special bond of friendship between Australia, Britain and France.

Phil Green to continue as ACT Electoral Commissioner

26 March 2015

After a merit-based recruitment process the Electoral Commissioner, Phil Green, has been reappointed for a term of five years.

Vicki Dunne MLA, Speaker of the Legislative Assembly, made the appointment on behalf of the Assembly. This is the first time the Speaker has overseen the recruitment and appointment process, following amendments to the Electoral Act last year.  Media release

Celebrating Commonwealth Day with your Assembly

10 March 2015

The Assembly celebrates Commonwealth Day today, with an event that brings together members of the diplomatic corps with the leadership of Canberra's senior colleges.  Media release

New MLA is sworn in

10 February 2015

Meeghan Fitzharris has been officially sworn in as the new member for Molonglo during the first sitting day for 2015. Ms Fitzharris won a countback to fill the seat vacated by former Chief Minister, Katy Gallagher, in December.

Review of Latimer House Principles

10 February 2015

The latest review of the implementation of Latimer House Principles in the ACT has been tabled in the Assembly by the Speaker. This report was compiled by Bill Burmester, Mark Evans, Meredith Edwards, and Richard Reid, from the Institute for Governance and Policy Analysis at the University of Canberra.

More on Latimer House Principles in the ACT and reports

Business of the Assembly

4 February 2015

A summary of business of the Assembly has been released, highlighting interesting figures from the 2014 sitting year. Year in review  Media Release

New MLA for Molonglo announced

16 January 2015

Meegan Fitzharris has been announced as the new MLA for Molonglo following a countback of votes from the 2012 election by Elections ACT. Meegan Fitzharris replaces former Chief Minister, Katy Gallagher, who resigned from the Assembly in December 2014.

ACT Lobbyist Register commences

1 January 2015

The ACT's Lobbyist Register has come into effect.

All individuals, partnerships or companies wishing to lobby a Member of the Legislative Assembly, their staff, or ACT public sector employees must now be registered. Details can be provided online, and will appear on the register, on average, within two business days of the receipt of properly completed registration forms. Online registration.

Speaker Advises ACT Electoral Commission of casual vacancy

23 December 2014

The Speaker has advised the ACT Electoral Commissioner of a casual vacancy, following the official resignation of Katy Gallagher from the Assembly on 23 December. The process for filling the vacancy is managed by Elections ACT.

Election of a new Chief Minister

11 December 2014

The Speaker announced a special sitting of the Assembly today to elect a new Chief Minister, Andrew Barr MLA. The ACT's new Deputy Chief Minister is Simon Corbell MLA.

Resignation of a Chief Minister

8 December 2014

Last week Katy Gallagher MLA announced that she would resign her position as Chief Minister. Lots of things happen behind the scenes at the Assembly to formalise this.

Ms Gallagher is due to formally resign as Chief Minister on 10 December 2014 by providing written advice to the Speaker, Vicki Dunne MLA. Once this has happened, the Speaker will call a special sitting of the Assembly to elect a new Chief Minister.

In addition to resigning as Chief Minister, Ms Gallagher has indicated that she will resign her position as an MLA before Christmas. This will create a vacancy in the Assembly that will be filled by count back of the votes from the last election.

Learn more about how these processes work.

Report into Loose-fill asbestos insulation bill released

4 December 2014

The report into the Inquiry in the proposed Appropriation (Loose-fill Asbestos Insulation Eradication) Bill has been released. Report

ACT Lobbyist Register announced

4 December 2014

In a significant show of support for transparency in the decision-making process across the ACT public sector, Speaker of the Legislative Assembly for the ACT, Vicki Dunne MLA, has announced the commencement of a register of lobbyists. Media release HTML PDF Acrobat PDF file (317KB)

Assembly art

4 December 2014

Speaker announces winners of this year's Legislative Assembly Awards: Joel Arthur for his oil and acrylic painting; and Harriet Lee Robinson for her work made of hand beaten copper. Media Release  HTML PDF Acrobat PDF file (430.3KB)

26 November 2014

The Speaker congratulates sculptor Kensuke Todo, and painter Annika Harding on recent ACT art awards. Their works are included in recent Assembly art acquisitions, and are now proudly on display.  Media Release  HTML PDF Acrobat PDF file (298KB)

Independent budget process an ACT first

6 August 2014

In a significant reaffirmation of the independence of the Legislative Assembly, Vicki Dunne MLA, Speaker of the Assembly, tabled a set of budget protocols for the Office of the Legislative Assembly.

Budget protocols  Word Word (765.7KB) PDF Acrobat PDF file (912.4KB)

Media release HTML PDF Acrobat PDF file (289KB)

Condolence book for victims of Flight MH17

21 July 2014

A condolence book, located in the public entrance of the Assembly building, was opened for people wanting to pay their respects to victims of Flight MH17.

Inaugural Officers of the Legislative Assembly are sworn in

8 July 2014

This week, Speaker Vicki Dunne MLA presided over the swearing-in of the inaugural Officers of the Legislative Assembly. This formalised the appointments of the ACT Auditor-General, ACT Ombudsman, and members of the ACT Electoral Commission as Officers of the Legislative Assembly. Media Release  HTML PDF Acrobat PDF file 314.2KB

Administrative Arrangements 2014 notified

4 July 2014

New Administrative Arrangements 2014 have been notified following the announcement of the expanded Cabinet. See the new Ministerial Responsibilities.

Report into Ammendments to the Electoral Act 1992 released

30 June 2014

The Select Committee into Amendments to the Electoral Act 1992 has finalised its inquiry into Amendments to the Electoral Act 1992 and released its report.

Report Word Word (2.0MB) PDF Acrobat PDF file (955.8KB)

Longstaff painting welcomed to temporary home at the Assembly

12 June 2014

Vicki Dunne MLA, Speaker of the Legislative Assembly, has welcomed the arrival at the Assembly of an important piece of Australian art history.

The painting has been loaned to the Assembly as part of the commemoration of the centenary of World War I. Villers-Bretonneux, ruins of the church by William Longstaff, is on display outside of the Speaker’s hospitality room at the Assembly building.

The Speaker extended her thanks to the Australian War Memorial and its Director, Dr Brendan Nelson, for the generous loan.

The Assembly’s art collection

The Listening Tree (1998) Bev Hogg

June 2014

Since occupying the iconic South Building on London Circuit in 1994, the Assembly has developed a collection of visual art that reflects the calibre and diversity of artists working in the region.

Acquisitions are made each year on the advice of the Legislative Assembly Art Advisory Committee, and new works are displayed temporarily on the ground floor corridor of the Assembly building facing London Circuit.

Explore a selection of works in our online gallery.

Staff Service Awards

16 May 2014

Today we recognised the years of service of our longest standing staff members.

Question Time and adjournment debates now on ArtSound FM

7 April 2014

Commencing for the sitting week of 8 April, Question Time and adjournment debates will now be replayed on community radio station ArtSound FM.

Report into Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employment in the ACT Public Service released

1 April 2014

The Standing Committee on Health, Ageing, Community and Social Services, has finalised their inquiry into ACT Public Service Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Employment. Media release and Report PDF icon_pdf_small (3.6MB)

Commonwealth Day

Week of 17 March 2014

This week we acknowledged and celebrated Commonwealth Day. Thank you to Phyllida Behm (CGGS), who read HM the Queen’s message at a function hosted by the Speaker, Vicki Dunne, at the Assembly on 18 March. Media release and speeches

Canberra's centenary column and time capsule is sealed

11 March 2014

Canberra's centenary time capsule was sealed on City Hill this week. Our gifts to future Canberras included copies of speeches from Canberra's 100th birthday, and handwritten letters from Assembly Speaker, Vicki Dunne; Chief Minister, Katy Gallagher; ACT Opposition Leader, Jeremy Hanson; and Greens Leader, Shane Rattenbury.

Commissioner for Standards announced

14 February 2014

Dr Ken Crispin QC is announced as the inaugural Legislative Assembly Commissioner for Standards.

Great Centenary Tapestry

4 December 2013

On Wednesday 4 December 2013, the Speaker, Vicki Dunne MLA, welcomed guests from across the ACT arts community and beyond to the official handing over of the ‘Great Centenary Tapestry’.

Speaker announces Assembly prizes for Art

29 November 2013

The Speaker, Vicki Dunne MLA, has announced the latest recipients of the Assembly's art prizes.

Commissioner for Standards to be appointed to the Assembly

31 October 2013

The Assembly has resolved that a Commissioner for Standards be appointed. The position will be filled for an initial period of two years.

The Assembly's Annual Report 2012-13 is released

26 September 2013

The 2012-13 Annual Report for the Office of the Legislative Assembly is now available online.


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