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Freedom of Information

The Freedom of Information Act 2016 provides a right to access information held by the Office of the Legislative Assembly, except where the disclosure of that information is contrary to the public interest.

The Office has made a range of information freely available on its website under the Open Access Information Scheme. Before submitting a request for access to information under the FOI Act, check whether the information is already available under Open Access or elsewhere on this website. Alternatively, please contact one of the Office's Information Officers on (02) 6207 5919 or to see whether the information can be made available to you without the need for a formal request.

If the information you are seeking is not already available, you may submit a request for access under the FOI Act. In the request you should clearly identify the document(s) you are requesting, providing as much information as possible, as well as your contact details and preferred method of access (i.e. hard copy, email etc).

Requests should be forwarded to:

Freedom of Information Officer
Office of the Legislative Assembly
GPO Box 1020
Canberra  ACT  2601

Requests can also be delivered to the public entrance of the Legislative Assembly building located at Civic Square, London Circuit, Canberra City, or emailed to

Further information on submitting a FOI request, and what you can expect throughout the process, can be found in the following factsheet:

FOI factsheet FOI Factsheet (PDF, 257.44 KB) FOI Factsheet (DOC, 428 KB)

Disclosure Log

‘The ACT Freedom of Information Act 2016 requires the publication of a disclosure log providing information about freedom of information requests received by us, except for requests for personal information.’

Documents released under the previous Freedom of Information Act 1989 can also be found on this website.

Reference No.

Date of application

Date of publication

Information requestedDecisionDate of decisionFees (paid or waived)Time spent on applicationOmbudsman decision (if relevant)ACAT decision (if relevant)
NoticeInformation givenAdditional information
18/014177 20/11/18   Final briefing notes and documents prepared for the 2017-18 Annual Reports hearings.

FOI Request PDF icon_pdf_small(188KB)

No briefing notes or documents were prepared N/A 26/11/18 N/A 5 days N/A N/A


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