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It is a great privilege to have been elected as Speaker of the 9th Assembly; I am delighted to preside over the ACT’s dynamic and innovative legislative chamber.

The Assembly has come a long way since it was established in 1989. The 2016 election was a significant milestone. The Assembly has now increased from 17 to 25 members and ushered in the first legislative chamber in Australian history where women make up the majority.

Speaker of the 9th Assembly, Joy Burch The Assembly makes decisions that affect the everyday lives of over 390,000 residents here in the nation’s capital — on schools and hospitals, roads and libraries, planning and development, the environment, criminal and justice matters among others. Having been a member of the Assembly since 2008, I’ve seen first-hand how MLAs from across the political spectrum have given voice to the interests and aspirations of their constituents. Whether on the floor of the Assembly chamber, through committee inquiries and public hearings, or through their participation in community forums and other activities, it is my experience that the members of the Assembly work hard to advocate for the people they represent.

I look forward to being a steward of the institution that enables all of this to happen.

As Speaker, I am responsible for presiding over the proceedings of the Assembly, making sure MLAs stay within the rules of debate and maintaining order in the chamber.

I encourage you to explore the Assembly’s website. The site provides access to official documents and background information on the role of the Assembly. We also work hard to encourage your participation—democracy is at its best when citizens become part of the process—and there are sections of the site dedicated to helping you if you want to:

  • Visit the chamber on a sitting day
  • Watch proceedings online
  • Start, or sign a petition
  • Participate in committee inquiries.

I hope you find it useful.

About Joy Burch

Joy was elected to the ACT Legislative Assembly in 2008 in the electorate of Brindabella. Prior to her election, Joy worked as a nurse, managed her own childcare business, managed community health and support services, and worked in policy roles in both the government and non government sectors.

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Joy Burch MLA
196 London Circuit
Canberra City

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