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A few minutes with your Members

Members of the Legislative Assembly come from many different backgrounds and bring a variety of perspectives to their work representing the ACT community. This series of short videos explores what it means to be an elected representative. What is the best thing about being an MLA? What influenced members to stand for election? What are the challenges? What does a typical day look like? Videos will be uploaded progressively over the coming months.Videos are 2-4 minutes long.

To find your electorate go to find your members and select your suburb. New suburbs developed since the ACT election in October 2016 are not in the suburb list as they are not included on the 2016 map of electorate boundaries.

Joy Burch Yvette Berry Andrew Barr Bec Cody Alistair Coe
Mick Gentleman Tara Cheyne Candice Burch Jeremy Hanson Deepak-Raj Gupta
Nicole Lawder Vicki Dunne Elizabeth Lee Giulia Jones James Milligan
Mark Parton Elizabeth KikkertShane RattenburyCaroline Le Couteur Suzanne Orr
Andrew WallGordon RamsayRachel Stephen-Smith Chris Steel Michael Pettersson

Andrew Barr

Interview with Andrew Barr MLA, Australian Labor Party (1 minute 56 seconds)

Yvette Berry

Interview with Yvette Berry MLA, Australian Labor Party (2 minutes 45 seconds)

Candice Burch

Interview with Candice Burch MLA, Canberra Liberals (3 minutes 22 seconds)

Joy Burch

Interview with Joy Burch MLA, Australian Labor Party (3 minutes 39 seconds)

Tara Cheyne

Interview with Tara Cheyne MLA, Australian Labor Party (3 minutes 44 seconds)

Vicki Dunne

Interview with Vicki Dunne MLA, Canberra Liberals (3 minutes 32 seconds)

Mick Gentleman

Interview with Mick Gentleman MLA, Australian Labor Party (3 minutes 05 seconds)

Jeremy Hanson

Interview with Jeremy Hanson MLA, Canberra Liberals (2 minutes 53 seconds)

Giulia Jones

Interview with Giulia Jones MLA, Canberra Liberals (3 minutes 37 seconds)

Elizabeth Kikkert

Interview with Elizabeth Kikkert MLA, Canberra Liberals (3 minutes 19 seconds)

Nicole Lawder

Interview with Nicole Lawder MLA, Canberra Liberals (3 minutes 39 seconds)

Caroline Le Couteur

Interview with Caroline Le Couteur MLA, ACT Greens (2 minutes 35 seconds)

Elizabeth Lee

Interview with Elizabeth Lee MLA, Canberra Liberals (3 minutes 42 seconds)

James Milligan

Interview with James Milligan MLA, Canberra Liberals (3 minutes 8 seconds)

Suzanne Orr

Interview with Suzanne Orr MLA, Australian Labor Party (2 minutes 20 seconds)

Mark Parton

Interview with Mark Parton MLA, Canberra Liberals (3 minutes 28 seconds)

Michael Pettersson

Interview with Michael Pettersson MLA, Australian Labor Party (2 minutes 28 seconds)

Gordon Ramsay

Interview with Gordon Ramsay MLA, Australian Labor Party (3 minutes 19 seconds)

Shane Rattenbury

Interview with Shane Rattenbury MLA, ACT Greens (2 minutes 50 seconds)

Chris Steel

Interview with Chris Steel MLA, Australian Labor Party (2 minutes 23 seconds)

Rachel Stephen-Smith

Interview with Rachel Stephen-Smith MLA, Australian Labor Party (3 minutes 26 seconds)

Andrew Wall

Interview with Andrew Wall MLA, Canberra Liberals (3 minutes 11 seconds)


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