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Here you'll find resources built to complement the national civics and citizenship strand of the curriculum. Our team are busy building more resources, and some of these will be available on our new-look website, set to be launched soon.

If we can help with anything, please email our team at

General resources

  • Frequently asked questions – Explore the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about the Assembly.
  • Fact sheets – We have a wide range of fact sheets exploring areas of interest, including federation, the history of self-government in the ACT, and the legislative process.
  • Posters – Check out our poster series, with versions you can download and print at home!
  • Symbols of democracy – Find out more about the symbols of democracy in the ACT, with articles on the Mace, the statue Ethos, and the Bar of the House.
  • Print-out activities – Our team are currently building new print-out activities. Please check back regularly for more.

Video resources

We have four video series for you to explore. Visit the video resources page.

Teacher resources

We have a range of resources for teachers to use and adapt. More lesson plans will be available on our new-look website soon. Visit the Teacher resources page.

  • SRC: Using the parliamentary model – a how-to guide on running your school representative council using a version of the Westminster parliamentary model.
  • Designing a parliamentary mace – a lesson built around the Year 3 HASS inquiry question "how do symbols, events, individuals and places in my community make it unique?" The mace-building exercise, illustrated by the video below, can easily be adapted to be an at-home arts and crafts activity.
  • Democracy and voting in Australia – a lesson built around the Year 5 HASS inquiry question "what is democracy in Australia and why is voting in a democracy important?", using the novel Mr Stink by David Walliams.
  • How laws are developed in Australia – a lesson built around the Year 6 HASS inquiry question "how are laws developed in Australia?", using the novel Mr Stink by David Walliams.
  • Chamber role play of a Matter of Public Importance (MPI) discussion as part of a Mr Stink program run together with the Canberra Theatre Centre. View the video (4 minutes 35 seconds).

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