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Commissioner for Standards

On 14 February 2014, Dr Ken Crispin QC was announced by the Speaker as the Legislative Assembly's inaugural Commissioner for Standards. This appointment was made for an initial period of two years, in accordance with the resolution of the Assembly of 31 October 2013.

Relevant documentation for the role includes:

           Commissioner for Standards - Annual Report 2015-2016 

PDF Acrobat PDF file (287kb)

           Commissioner for Standards - Continuing ResolutionWord Word (39kb) PDF Acrobat PDF file (44kb)
           Commissioner for Standards - AppointmentWord Word (35kb)PDF Acrobat PDF file (44kb)
           Protocol for investigation complaints against membersWord Word (48kb)PDF Acrobat PDF file (31kb)
           Complaining about a member of the Legislative Assembly Word Word (395kb) PDF Acrobat PDF file (195kb) 
           Reports (Standing Committee on Administration and Procedure)  
           Declaration of members' interests  
           Members' code of conductWord Word (29.5kb)PDF icon_pdf_small (20.7kb) 
           Media release   

For further information about the Legislative Assembly Commissioner for Standards contact the Clerk of the Legislative Assembly on 6205 0173.


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