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Education factsheets

Complete set of factsheets PDF icon for Adobe pdf (4.5mb)

Federation and the establishment of the national capitalhtml PDF icon for adobe pdf (76.7kb)
Delve into the history of federation and how the ACT came into being.

Levels of government in Australia - html PDF icon for adobe pdf (201.6kb)
Who is responsible for what? This factsheet explains the responsibilities of each level of government in Australia.

The establishment of self-government in the ACT - html PDF icon of adobe pdf (88.6kb)
A timeline on when and how self-government was introduced in the ACT.

The Westminster system of government in the ACT - html PDF icon for Adobe pdf (271.8kb)
Explains the features of the Westminster system and the seperation of powers between the three arms of government. 

Electing members of the ACT Legislative Assembly - html PDF icon for Adobe pdf (406kb)
Unravel the mysteries of the Hare-Clark electoral system used to elect members to the Legislative Assembly for the ACT.

Roles of members of the ACT Legislative Assembly - html PDF iconfor Adobe pdf (105.4kb)
What do your members do? Find out about the roles of responsibilities of all members, whether they are in government, the opposition or on the cross bench.

Committees - html PDF icon for Adobe pdf (249.6kb)
Ever wondered how Assembly committees work and how you can be involved? This factsheet explains the purpose of committees and outlines the inquiry process.

The chamber of the ACT Legislative Assembly - html PDF icon for Adobe pdf (157.6kb)
Who designed the chamber? Who sits where? Find out about these and many more features of the Legislative Assembly chamber. 

Documents of the ACT Legislative Assembly - html PDF icon for Adobe pdf (138.1kb)
Where do you look to find out what is happening in the Assembly chamber? A useful guide to all the relevant documents produced during the parliamentary process.

Symbols of parliament and the Australian Capital Territory - html PDF icon for Adobe pdf (424.1kb)
Find out about the ACT flag, coat of arms and ACT emblems.

A typical sitting week - html PDF icon for Adobe pdf (121.5kb)
What happens and when? You guide to a typical sitting week at the Assembly.

Question time - html PDF icon for Adobe pdf (59.9kb)
Explore the differences between questions without notice and questions on notice and why question time is an important part of the parliamentary process.

The legislative process - html PDF icon for Adobe pdf (135.2kb)
The law making process - learn how a bill becomes and Act in the Legislative Assembly.

Legislative instruments - html PDF icon for Adobe pdf (59.5kb)
Regulations, instruments and more - subordinate legislation in the ACT explained.

The budget process - html PDF icon_pdf_small (1.8mb)
A simple guide to budget formulation and scrutiny in the ACT.

Hansard and the reports of the House - html PDF icon for Adobe pdf (222.6kb)
History of the Hansard family and how Hansard became the official transcript of parliamentary proceedings.

Petitions - html PDF icon for Adobe pdf (71.5kb)
Contribute to the parliamentary process through petitions tabled in the Assembly.

Citizen's right of reply - html PDF icon for Adobe pdf (71.4kb)
What can you do if you are named in the Assembly?

Twinning arrangement between the ACT Legislative Assembly and the Parliament of Kiribati - html PDF icon for Adobe pdf (95.6kb)
History of the twinning arrangements between Australia states/territories and pacific nations.

Glossary of terms - html PDF icon for Adobe pdf (83.4kb)
A dictionary of parliamentary terms.

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