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Standing Committee on Planning and Urban Renewal
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The Committee resolves to inquire into billboards for outdoor advertising in the present — Ninth — Assembly, including into:

1. Current rules and practices concerning billboard advertising, including:

a. the rationale for existing regulations in the ACT;
b. the terms of the existing regulations in the ACT;
c. the effectiveness of the existing regulations and enforcement measures in the ACT;
d. a comparative analysis of billboard regulation in other jurisdictions; and
e. the definition of ‘billboard’ when compared with definitions for other signage;

2. Community views on placement and construction of billboards;

3. Merits and challenges of establishing designated areas for billboard advertising, including:

a. impact on business and community organisations;
b. use of new billboard technology; and
c. potential to enliven urban areas;

4. Ways in which elements of billboard advertising could be regulated in the ACT to limit environmental or aesthetic impact, including number, size, location, advertising periods and content; and

5. Any other relevant matter.

The Committee will report to the Assembly by the last sitting day of October 2017.

Submission 01 - Craig McGill PDF (86.1 KB)
Submission 02 - Nelson & Burden PDF (326.2 KB)
Submission 03 - Robin Sevenoaks PDF (78.6 KB)
Submission 04 - SEE CHANGE - Liam Lilly PDF (312.0 KB)
Submission 05 - Jonathon Crane PDF (140.5 KB)
Submission 06 - Hugh Dakin PDF (78.5 KB)
Media release - 30 March 2017 PDF (105.6 KB) Word (198.0 KB)


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