ACT Legislative Assembly

an Independent Integrity Commission

Mr Shane Rattenbury MLA (Chair)

Mrs Giulia Jones MLA (Deputy Chair)

Ms Bec Cody MLA

Ms Elizabeth Lee MLA

Mr Chris Steel MLA

Secretary: Dr Andrea Cullen

Phone: (02) 620 50142


At its meeting on Thursday, 15 December 2016, the Assembly passed the following resolution:


(1) a select committee be established to inquire into the most effective and efficient model of an independent integrity commission for the ACT and that the committee make recommendations on the appropriateness of adapting models operating in other similarly-sized jurisdictions, as well as:

(a) the personnel structure of the commission to ensure the appropriate carriage of workload;
(b) governance and funding that delivers independence;
(c) the powers available to a commission;
(d) the educative functions of a commission;
(e) issues regarding retrospectivity, including human rights, and the timeframes around which former actions can be assessed;
(f) the relationship between any commission and existing accountability and transparency mechanisms and bodies in the ACT; and
(g) any other relevant matter;

(2) the select committee shall consist of the following number of members, composed of:

(a) two Members to be nominated by the Government;
(b) two Members to be nominated by the Opposition;
(c) one Member to be nominated by the Crossbench; and
(d) the Chair shall be a Crossbench member;

(3) the select committee be provided with necessary staff, facilities and resources;

(4) the select committee to report by the end of August 2017;

(5) if the Assembly is not sitting when the committee has completed its inquiry, the committee may send its report to the Speaker or, in the absence of the Speaker, to the Deputy Speaker, who is authorised to give directions for its printing, publishing and circulation;

(6) the foregoing provisions of this resolution, so far as they are inconsistent with the standing orders, have effect notwithstanding anything contained in the standing orders; and

(7) nominations for membership of the committee be notified in writing to the Speaker within two hours following conclusion of the debate on the matter.".

Inquiry into an Independent Integrity Commission15 December 2016 

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