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Established by the Legislative Assembly (Office of the Legislative Assembly) Act 2012, the Office of the Legislative Assembly provides procedural and administrative support to the Assembly and its committees. Pursuant to s6 of the Act, the Office is reponsible for performing a number of specific functions including:

  • providing advice on parliamentary practice and procedure and the functions of the Assembly and committees;
  • reporting proceedings of the Assembly and meetings of committees;
  • maintaining an official record of proceedings of the Assembly;
  • providing library and information facilities and services for members; 
  • providing staff to enable the Assembly and committees to operate efficiently; 
  • providing business support functions, including administering the entitlements of members who are not part of the Executive; 
  • maintaining the Assembly precincts; and
  • providing public education about the functions of the Assembly and committees.

The Office advises and assists all members on Assembly procedures and provides administrative support for members in undertaking their parliamentary and electoral duties.

The Office is headed by the statutory Office of the Clerk of the Assembly, Tom Duncan, and is made up of the following sections:

  1. Chamber Support
  2. Committee Support
  3. Hansard, Technology and Library
  4. Governance and Communications
  5. Business Support

Office of the Legislative Assembly organisation structure, as at 30 June 2014  Word Word (184.5KB)    PDF Acrobat PDF file  (464.4KB)

Chamber Support

Chamber Support is headed by the Deputy Clerk and Serjeant-at-Arms, Max Kiermaier, and is responsible for:
  • servicing of the Assembly chamber, including the programming of business;
  • provision of procedural advice and the publication and custody of the records of the chamber;
  • processing of legislation which has passed through the Assembly for publication and notification on the Legislation Register as laws of the ACT;
  • servicing of the Standing Committee on Administration and Procedure and the servicing of the Standing Committee on Justice and Community Safety when performing its duties as a Scrutiny of Bills and Subordinate Legislation Committee; 
  • internal audit; and
  • administration of interparliamentary relations.

Committee Support

Committee Support provides support services to standing committees and select committees established by the Assembly through:
  • co-ordinating inquiry processes;
  • providing research and analysis for committee inquiries;
  • co-ordinating public consultation;
  • drafting committee reports;
  • providing procedural advice to committees; and
  • supplying administrative support services.

Andrew Snedden is the Director of Committee Support.

Hansard, Technology and Library

Hansard, Technology and Library is responsible for:
  • producing and publishing accurate and timely transcripts of Assembly debates and evidence given before Assembly committees;
  • producing a daily audiovisual replay of Assembly proceedings;
  • managing information technology for non-executive members and the Secretariat and developing ICT policies;
  • managing the Assembly’s Hansard database service;
  • providing broadcasting and related technical services, and developing broadcasting policy for the Assembly and its committees;
  • records and information management; and
  • providing library information and reference services.

 Valeria Szychowska is the Director of Hansard, Technology and Library. 

Governance and Communications

Governance and Communications is responsible for:
  • financial and budgetary management;
  • parliamentary education;
  • public affairs and engagement;
  • risk management and business continuity;
  • governance and strategic policy; and
  • the Assembly art program.

David Skinner is the Director of Governance and Communications.

Business Support

Business Support is responsible for servicing and advising non-executive members, their staff, the Clerk and Secretariat staff in relation to a range of administrative and human resource issues, including:
  • employment arrangements;
  • workplace management;
  • payroll;
  • administration of members’ entitlements; 
  • building and facilities management; and
  • provision of attendant and security services for the Assembly.

Ian Duckworth is the Director of Business Support.



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